Pragmatic Works

 PW is a team of dedicated and passionate SQL Server and BI professionals on a mission to help developers and DBAs operate more efficiently through our innovative products, solutions and training for data platforms. We offer software that simplifies the development and management of SQL Server, and we deliver top-tier SQL Server training offerings and[…]

Oracle and Power BI Write-Back

   Power ON is now supporting write-back from Power BI directly to an Oracle DB. The Table Editor custom visual has proven to be a powerful solution for companies that are deploying Power BI. Via the Visual Planning WebService, the table editor can now write to any Oracle database. Here is how it works: Create[…]

Write-back Options in Power BI

Early January 2018, Microsoft launched a new custom visual that enables users to enter data in Power BI. Basically, the custom visual opens up a Power Apps solution, checks permission for the end-user, and let end-users add, modify and delete data directly in the SQL Database. Now there are multiple ways to let end-users analyze[…]