Combining Business Intelligence and Business Performance Management

Power ON – Power BI

Power BI is the latest contribution from Microsoft to get started with BI in 5 minutes. Power ON’s products adds to the features of Power BI with scheduling, extending the reach of Excel and SharePoint, and makes Power BI into a true CPM solution.

Power ON – Power Update

Scheduling updates of Excel files, Power BI Desktop files or Published Web Dashboards, to OneDrive, SharePoint o365 or on-Premise, Power Update extends the reach and usability of Power BI. The emailing feature enables you to attach workbooks or dashboards as the native format, or convert them to PDF.

Power ON – Power Planner

Power Planner is an award winning platform that extends Power BI with the ability to edit data in the dashboard, and save it back to the SSAS Tabular model or Power Pivot. Users can now build their analysis, share it with stakeholders, and request them to enter their projections in Power BI, with data being saved back to the BI model.

Power ON – Integrated CPM

The 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant blurred the lines between BI and CPM. BI and Analytics are about trends and patterns in performance. CPM is about Target Setting, Forecasting and Key Performance Indicators. There are huge benefits to merge these functions into one. Power BI enables both in the same solution with self-service.

Why Power On BI


Together with Microsoft, Power ON is providing BI and BPM solutions that automates and provides valuable features to the Microsoft BI offering. When Alcoa needed to automate their creation of dashboards from Oracle, Power ON was brought in to develop automation of creation of dashboards, and Power Update was born.

Our core belief is that BI is a “Two Way Street”, which essentially enables companies to “provide and collect information” from end-users. Power Planner provides extended insight into data presented in a dashboard with comments, rich meta data and ability to make predictions or change assumptions.

Power BI is the cornerstone in the Power On product suite. Budgeting, Forecasting and Projections can be stored on premise or in Windows Azure, and is integrated into the visualizations and dashboards of Power BI. With powerful add-ons like Goal Seek and our intuitive calculator, or copy Actuals to Forecasts, companies can significantly shorten the time it takes to produce a budget or a rolling forecast.


The Success of Power ON is comprised of the following units:
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CEO – Co-Founder
Our co-founder, Per Solli, has 20+ years working with large US based and International clients like American Express, Microsoft, NBC Universal, Quiznos, and Disney. “Microsoft focus on tabular, in-memory data is a game changer in the BPM Industry”, Per states. “Power BI is a paradigm shift in the BI industry”.
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Our Customers

Most Important Asset
Our clients is our life and livelihood.
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Our Partners

Our catalysts
Our partner community is our strategic bond between the solution and our clients. “Power ON Partner program makes it easy to provide power solutions to our clients, and everyone is a refereanceable installation” Avanade
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Development Team


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