From Hyperion Planning or Hyperion Financial Management to Power BI

If you are using Hyperion Financial Management or Hyperion Planning there is now a simple way to become the Finance Superstar. Hyperion can do all the groundwork with consolidation, integrate with your ERP, and currency conversion, but when it comes to visualizing data, or integrating Financial Reporting data with other data sources, Power BI is the answer. The benefits of using Power BI are obvious. Take a tour of Power BI free solution!


Step 1 – Connect to the Oracle/SQL database with Power Query

Power Query is a tool that is both part of Excel and Power BI, and it connects to virtually any data source, and loads the data into Power Pivot, which is the backbone for the Power BI solution. I have attached a screenshot of the HFM data base, and you can load all the tables listed in the left column and load it to Power BI with Power Query.



Step 2 – Create or modify the relationships.

When loading data with Power Query it will automatically read the relationships from Oracle. You can go into Power Pivot and verify they are right. In the example below I did some ETL to optimize the tables a bit so some of the fields changed names. The fact table should be identical to the HFM data model.


Step 3 – Upload to Power BI

You are now ready to create your first ‘Report’ in Power BI by simply dragging and dropping the fields onto your canvas.


For more information on learning Power BI, there is a guided learning path.

Step 4 – Setup Dashboard Automation

The next step is to refresh your Power BI Dashboard from the Oracle database. Power Update can refresh data at any interval, and keeps saving you on licensing.


Step 5 – Adding Power Planner for Power BI

Power Planner enables Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning for the Power BI platform. Now when your data is migrated from Hyperion to a Power Pivot Model, there is no reason to go back to using the old tools again. There are complete financial offerings available on the Power BI platform.

(Screenshot Power Planner – Quarterly Planning.)