Full Cycle Corporate Performance Management in Power BI

Power On Apps built by Centida. 

Driver-based Revenue Planning


With driver-based Revenue Planning, users can login to Power BI, enter and modify metrics that drives their business.

When users save their modifications with ‘Save Changes’, all metrics in the model is recalculated on the fly, and all Power BI visuals are updated instantly.

The slicers represents the different Versions and makes it easy to compare different Scenarios and compare them side by side.

Centida is taking advantage of the ground-breaking platform of Visual Planning from Power On, which is built 100% on Power BI.

Driver-based Expense Assumptions


Similar to Revenue, Expenses can also be totally driver-based. Centida’s solution is based on a company deeply involved in transportation, and any changes in oil prices can directly affect the EBITDA. It is easy to enter projected oil prices and immediately observe the impact.

By building their solution on Power BI and Visual Planning from Power On, Centida can take advantage of all the standard and custom visuals in Power BI.
Users can download any custom visual from the Microsoft Custom Visual Repository, and implement them into their solution, like the map-visual.

Search and Filter Expense Planning


With the Attribute Slicer from the Microsoft Custom Visual repository, users can search and pin the metrics they are interest in, and then change the numbers directly in the grid.

Any other visual, like the map visual, can be used to further limit the data to the state or region.

Like a true BI solution, users can change the Years or the Scenarios by simply clicking on them.

Financial Reporting Statements



Even though data entry is very important, visualizing the direct impact of the data is equally important.

Power BI is not only a BI tool, but also a Financial Report Writer.

The P&L not only visualizes the data, but provides a formatted Incomes Statement Report. Power BI provides the best of both worlds.

The Waterfall chart provides insight into the biggest expense buckets and where management needs to pay focus to drive overall shareholder value.

The line-graph visualizes how the different scenarios is driving EBITDA, and this can easily be filtered by clicking the different filters in the pie-chart.

Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Reports


Equally as important as the income statement, is a Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement.

With Visual Planning and Power BI, users can create, filter and modify any important Financial Report.

Users might want to add a line-graph to visualize the evolution of Cash and Debt, and they can pick and choose from the Power BI Custom Visuals library.

Corporate Evaluations

Most companies are eventually looking for an ‘exit’. The Corporate Evaluation visualization, makes it easy to simulate different Weighted Average Cost of Capital(WACC) scenarios.

By changing the values in the drop down, users can see the direct impact of the total evaluation of their business based on the Driver Based Revenue, Driver Based Expenses, and other metrics that is easy to change in the model.

By selecting different Scenarios from the Slicer, business owners can get a complete picture of when the right time would be to sell their business. Take a look at our demo videos, or contact us today for more information.