Game-Changing Planning and Forecasting with Power BI

Q&A/Google – Decomp Tree – Dynamic Measures – Write-Back – Data Point Text Comments


Power BI keeps innovating. In November 2019 Microsoft released the long awaited Decomposition Tree. This enables companies to analyze, forecast and make predictions to support decision-making inside the organization. Additionally, Visual Planner has since 2015 provided write-back in Power BI. Combining Power ON’s Visual Planner and Power BI, major Fortune 500 companies are optimizing data insight, minimizing data collection, and authoring more accurate forecasts and predictions inside Power BI than ever before.

Power BI with Visual Planner:

Feature Description
1 Write-back Matrix Enable users to edit datapoints and see immediate updates in all visuals
2 Decomp Tree Dynamically Analyze data by changing members and filter the report
3 Power “Google” Q&A Google your data for interesting data, and visualize it immediately in Power BI
4 Dynamic Measures Work on any measure, like Quantity, Price, Discount, COGS, Sales
5 Drag and Drop Planning Drag the graph to your liking, and see it generates new data
6 Datapoint Comments Make comments on any data point, and visualize them

How to use it?

Sample User Story – Low Margin.

  • “Google” all products with a low/high margin per unit and filter the report
  • Analyze in the Decomp Tree what Customer/Region/Packing are the culprit.
  • Use the Write-back Matrix to update Retail Price
  • Change the measures to analyze Price, Quantity or Discounts.
  • Goal Seek with write-back so all users see the changes
  • Make text comments on data-points of interventions made.
  • Sell more products with higher margin!

User Story – Volume Analysis

  • “Google” top selling products
  • Use Decomp to find the top performing market and sales person
  • Switch between Price and Discount to see how margins are optimized
  • Update Quantity and price to optimize sales performance
  • Increase sales with Visual Planner and Power BI by making more educated decissions


Enter Data on one or more datapoints in Power BI and observe totals update and visuals refresh dynamically.


Analyze opportunities and discover problem areas by dynamically slicing the data. Same total for Quantity. Observe different breakout in same visual.

1 11


Query your data about anything. It is really like Google in Power BI.

After you run the query, you can filter the report with the findings from the query. Then you can plan your forecast with it!




Dynamically switch between measures inside Power BI.





Use your mouse or touch screen to update drivers with Power ON’s Visuals.

Note!!! When users press save changes, the underlying data is changing. Works with any touchscreen.



Make Text Comments on any data-point. Comments can display in any other visual.

When filtering the visual or rearranging the visuals, text comments move around with the data.



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With Power BI and Power ON’s Visual Planner, companies can build new and unsurpassed Planning and Forecasting solutions. The solution works in Report Server, on-premises gateway, Azure, Power BI Embedded or Power BI Premium. Power ON Visual Planner is yet another reason to move from Essbase, Tableau and Qlick to Microsoft Power BI and Azure. Contact us today.

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