Automate Restore from PBID to SSAS Azure

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Automate Restore from PBID to SSAS Azure

SSAS Tabular in Azure is gaining widespread adoption in the Power BI community. The best way to currently develop a model for SSAS Azure Tabular is one of two ways:

  • Use SQL Server Data Tools and Visual Studio to deploy the model to Azure.
  • Use the Azure Console to import a Power BI Desktop model to the Azure Tabular Server

SSDT is a great option if you are familiar with Visual Studio. The second option works great, but at the current time, it can not be scheduled.

Automate Refresh and Restore to SSAS Tabular in Azure

Power ON is excited to announce that the popular Power Update solution can automate the refresh of the Power BI Desktop Workbook, and restore it back to Azure Tabular Server. It has powerful scheduling capabilities for minutes, hours, days, weeks and months.



How it works?

Take advantage of Power BI Desktop simplicity and easy to use interface to develop all your data integrations and measures. Then download and install Power Update. The Wizard will guide you in setting up the schedule for you.



Power Update connects to the Power BI Desktop file, refreshes all connections, then extracts the updated Tabular model and then restores it to SSAS Tabular instance in Azure. Powerful yet Easy! It works for on-premises as well.

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