BAS 2020–Power ON

Business Application Summit – Power ON Booth

Welcome to our Virtual Booth



Welcome to our booth! This is our Virtual Expo Floor for MBAS 2020. We have gathered a few resources for you to provide a quick overview on how you can Supercharge Power BI with Planning.

Our entire staff signed on as Live Agents. They are standing by to answer any of your questions about Power ON and Visual Planner.

Power ON Demo – Visual Planner


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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Use Cases

Visual Planning
Write-back to SSAS Tabular & Premium Data Sets
Real-Time Data Collection
Real-Time What-if Scenario Creation
Real-Time Commentary to Data Points
Driver-Based Modeling
Drag & Drop Planning

Corporate Performance Management
Revenue Forecasting
Demand & Supply Planning
Employee Target Setting
Inventory Management
Project Planning

Financial Report Writer
Create stylized, board room ready financial & operational reports directly within the Power BI Service

Power Planner
Write-Back & planning on top of SSAS Tabular & Power Pivot directly in Excel

Power Update
Automated refreshing of Power Queries in Excel or Power BI with email blasts and unlimited scheduling

Visual Modeler
NoCode Modeler interface for Tabular models

What is Visual Planner
Visual Planner is the only real Planning Solution for Power BI. Users can edit data, and add text comments to datapoints

What is Table Editor
Table Editor enables users to edit data in Power BI directly in the Visuals. Change numbers, edit drivers add Text Comments on any data point.

Sources for Write-back
SSAS Tabular
Azure Analysis Services
Oracle DB
SAP Hana
Amazon Redshift

How Does Licensing Work

Named licenses:

Each individual contributor has their own named license.
Example: 20 contributors will require 20 licenses. Each user will have 24/7 access to PowerOn’s Visuals no matter who else is entering data at that time.

Concurrent Licenses

The contributors will share a certain number of licenses.
Example: A organization has 20 contributors and 5 concurrent licenses. All 20 users will have their own permission-based experience, but only 5 people can be doing write-back/data entry simultaneously. If a 21st person logs in to enter data in a Power On visual, he/she will receive a message letting them know that all licenses are currently in use and to check back in 15-minutes.

Seasonal Licenses

Contributors that only need access for limited amount of time per year.
Example: Contributors that are required to enter data for the corporate budgeting cycle each year may only have to enter data from October through December. In this instance you can purchase named or concurrent licenses that are only active for 3-months of the year. The cost is significantly less than an annual license. Enterprise License Unlimited Contributors for a given Business Unit, Division, or Organization.

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