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Build Corporate Planning Models in Power BI

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Build Corporate Planning Models in Power BI

Power ON is launching Visual Modeler.

Power BI requires a data model and business logic(DAX). Traditionally there have been 3 ways to build it:

  • Power BI Desktop
Service and Premium
  • Tabular Editor
Service – Premium – Azure
  • Visual Studio Data Tools

If you have experience with data modeling, data types and relationships this was an easy transition. Business Analysts and Finance professionals are not used to such detailed modeling issues, so we are launching Visual Modeler.

For Finance

Visual Modeler is built with the finance and planning team in mind.

  • Native Write-back to tabular models
  • Business Rules and Allocations
  • Member Security and RLS
  • Staging and Loading
  • Integration with Power BI Dataflow and Azure Data Lake
  • Parent Child Hierarchies in Tabular Models
  • Multi-Currency
  • Financial Eliminations and Consolidations
  • Unlimited Versioning and Scenarios

How it works

Visual Modeler let users load data from Excel or Azure Data Lake, then add members and attributes and develop Hierarchies. When it is time to publish, the data modeler combines the Dimensions into a fact table where data is stored. Power BI is now the ultimate planning tool. It just take minutes to develop a model. Contact us today.