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Build your own Planning Solution in Power BI

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Build your own Planning Solution in Power BI

Integrated Planning in Power BI

There is no need for specialized planning solutions any longer. Power BI enables corporations to build advanced planning solutions the entire organization:

Analyze, Report, and Plan in Power BI

In 3 steps your organization could be enabled for better, more accurate and faster decision making where a larger group of the organization can participate. All with using standard Power BI features to build the model.

Collect data and collaborate in 3 steps

  1. Grab all the data needed using cloud based ETL with Power BI Dataflows
  2. Build a Power BI Application from the Azure Datalake
  3. Publish and collaborate in Microsoft Teams


  • Enter data and Goal-Seek
  • Text comments on datapoints
  • Discussions
  • Spreading & Allocations
  • Smart Formulas
  • Client-Side Calculations.
  • Support all 300 Custom Visuals in Power BI