Drag and Drop

Plan Visually

Changing dull Budget and Planning Processes!

Make the budget process fun for the people that are tasked with entering the budgets! With Visual Planning’s Drag and Drop features, users can either use their mouse on the PC or their finger on a touch-screen to make adjustment to the allocation or change the seasonality to the budget, plan or forecast.

How it works?

The Drag and Drop feature is part of the Visual Planning Suite for Power BI. When the user opens the Power BI workbook in Visual Planner, it is now enabled for write-back. Row-level security in Power BI ensures they can only change the data the admin user wants users to edit. In most cases Actual data is read-only.

When data is filtered for i.e. Sales Person, it only allocates the data for what has been filtered in the Power BI workbook.

There are currently two type of visuals: Line and Bar-Chart that users can modify. More are coming soon.

Allocations and Seasonality

The Drag and Drop feature saves the result of the allocation back to the source database. Users can either modify the number the graph represents directly(absolute), or the relative individual contribution it makes to the total. 

How to Implement it?

Drag and Drop works with:

  • Azure
  • Hybrid
  • Report Server

Power ON’s Visual Planning is a complete suite that empowers Budgeting, Planning and Writeback in Power BI.

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