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Learn how Lechler optimized Planning with Power BI

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Learn how Lechler optimized Planning with Power BI

Lechler: How to Drive a BI Evolution with Planning in Power BI

How do you enable collaborative planning, maintain data privacy and security, and deliver real-time write-back plus insights required in today’s hyper-speed, hyper-change world? Does modern BI really require reinventing the wheel? Or might a Power BI Evolution be the ticket? With 140 years technology engineering history, 25,000+ products, and 12 subsidiaries in 100’s of countries, Lechler sought to bring their strict engineering standards to their Planning & Forecasting.

As with other enterprises, legacy planning was built upon Excel. But leadership saw the imperative for real-time insight in order to stay ahead of moving targets of the modern economy. With Power BI already in use, they chose to leverage investments across technology and people, and to modernize the Sales Forecasting process which is inextricably linked to the needs, expectations, and success of customers, employees, and shareholders. In this session Lechler IT Data & Analytics Collaboration leader, Andreas Macht will share:

• Why: Why they chose Sales Planning in Power BI at Lechler

• How: How they made the transition; challenges, priorities, roll-out

• What: What they experienced; wins, lessons learned, and what’s next

This session will deliver real-world best practices you can put to work for your business.

Power BI Planning Session – April 19th 2021 at these hours.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

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