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Oracle Essbase Hyperion–Writeback in Power BI

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Oracle Essbase Hyperion–Writeback in Power BI

Instead of SmartView – Use Power BI


Oracle Essbase – Hyperion is holding a 31% market share of a $2.4Bn market for CPM applications according to AppsRunTheWorld. The report is from 2017. Gartner has since then given up using the term CPM as companies are looking to combine BI, Budgeting and Planning in tools like Power BI.

Power ON has now enabled this migration by enabling Essbase users to:

  • Visualize Essbase data in Power BI
  • Write-back data straight from Power BI to Essbase.

SmartView used to be the only way to write-back data to Essbase. Many of you recognize the picture.

Edit Hyperion Essbase Data in Power BI

With Power ON’s award winning technology Visual Planner, users can now edit data Oracle – Essbase Hyperion.


  • Take advantage of 200+ visualizations in Power BI
  • Collaborate on data easily
  • Add Text Comments
  • Enable Write-back with security, Goal-Seek and What-if
  • Create new DataSets. We support Microsoft ML/R to Essbase.

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