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Planning and Writeback with XMLA – Power BI

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Planning and Writeback with XMLA – Power BI

Power ON Visual Planner now supports writeback to Tabular Models inside Power BI Service. Previously Power BI Service was limited to 8 refreshes per day with 30 mins intervals. Visual Planner works with:

  • Premium Per User
  • Premium Capacity
  • Power BI Embedded

End-users with any of the subscriptions above, can now develop a datamodel with visualizations in Power BI desktop, and publish it to Power BI, and Power BI Users can in turn enter data into the Power BI workbook in Power BI Service.

Power BI Service with Writeback

Build Report in Power BI Desktop.
Power BI now enables writeback to Power BI Service with Power ON’s Visual Planning.

Enable Writeback

After the PBI Report is published, users can enable write-back in the visual. There are no specific requirements in the design other than data needs to come from a SQL Database.

Let users make Optimize Decisions.

When users can change and update Planning Scenarios and change the drivers for the Plan while comparing it to Actuals, everybody wins. Only SAP Hana has comparable features.


Data Entry in Power BI Service

Summary of Features:

  • Edit Planning Data Points
  • Data Point Commenting
  • Drag and Drop
  • Edit Master Data
  • Enable writeback on any data model.
  • Goal Seek and Machine Learning.