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Power BI Premium with High Performance Write-Back

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Power BI Premium with High Performance Write-Back

Chris Wade @ Microsoft Power BI Team launched Power BI Premium with XMLA end-point support. Power ON is proud to announce the worlds premiere write-back, goal-seek and what-if scenarios for Power BI Premium, natively to the Microsoft Tabular Engine through the XMLA end-point.

PowerON Write BackPower ON’s Visual Planning solution now performs data write-back to Power BI Premium and Embedded models natively.
Security is paramount at all enterprise, and Power BI Premium provides all the benefits of Power BI Cloud with a secure closed-up environment only accessible to approved users.
Power ON’s write-back features provides the best-of-breed performance and security for companies to take full advantage of Power BI as a two-way street and save millions of dollars by combining multiple BI Platforms and CPM platforms into Power BI.

Power ON, the leading provider of native Collaborative Analytical Planning in Power BI has sine 2014 provided Planning, Forecasting and Analytical modeling in Power BI for Global 5000 companies like NASDAQ, Boeing, Exxon, and Intel. Power BI is providing a unique platform with scalable Azure Cloud Services, taking advantage of new technology like ‘R’, ML, AI and 250+ Power BI Visuals that assists self-service users to analyze and explore corporate opportunities and detect obstacles in early stages with Analysis and Business Intelligence supported by Power ON.

More to come..

  • Power ON is nominated for a Microsoft Case Study. More news to follow.
  • Service Principals – We will be launching support for this Enterprise security feature as soon as it becomes available for the XMLA endpoint.