Power Connect

Power Connect can change the data connection in your Excel Power Pivot Workbook to SSAS Tabular, Power BI or SharePoint connection.

Users spend a lot of time developing visualizations in Excel that is connected to the Power Pivot Model. There are a lot of scenarios in which you need to change the connection from the Excel Workbook Power Pivot Model to a more scalable solution. However, there is no option in Excel to switch the connection.

Power Connect changes the connection in your workbook to a new data source:


From Power Pivot to SSAS Tabular

When it is time to move the Power Pivot Workbook to SSAS Tabular, just restore the Power Pivot model to the SSAS Tabular Server, or setup Power Update to refresh the workbook and then restore it back to the SSAS Tabular Server.

How to:
Open Power Connect, and enter the name to the SSAS Tabular server, along with the name of the Tabular Model. Next time the workbook opens in Excel it will connect to the tabular server.


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From Power Pivot to SharePoint

SharePoint is a great way to distribute Power Pivot workbooks. The challenge is to change the data connector from the Power Pivot Workbook to the SharePoint Connection.

How to:
Open Power Connect and point to the file on the SharePoint Server. The next time the Workbook is opened, it will get the data from the SharePoint Server, while the visualizations are live in the local workbook,


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From Power Pivot to Power BI.

Power BI has a great free feature; “Analyze in Excel”. However, the connections is still pointing to the local Power Pivot Model so in order to take advantage of the Analyze in Excel feature, users will have to recreate Pivot Tables and visualizations again. Not if use Power Connect

How to:
First load a copy of the Excel Workbook to Power BI. Open up Power Connect, and point to the original file on the Desktop. Next time you open the Model, it will read the data from Power BI instead of the local Power Pivot Model.


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