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Power Update Command Line Parameters

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Power Update Command Line Parameters

Running PU jobs in a batch file:

After you have defined the jobs, you can take even more control over the jobs by i.e. running them sequentially in a batch job. Here are the command line parameters supported:

PQRefresh.exe command line (normal tasks):
C:\Program Files\PowerPlanner\Power Update\PQRefresh.exe “taskName”




Path for the PU.log file


number of miliseconds to wait until SharePoint processes restores the cube from the xlsx file (the file is uploaded as a temp file then renamed to it’s final name after that period)


path for a txt file containing the files to refresh (one for each line, good for manual retries)

-macros_before:[“MACRO_NAME1 ARG1 ARG2..,MACRO_NAME2 ARG1 ARG2,..”]

list of macros to run before the update

-macros_after:[“MACRO_NAME1 ARG1 ARG2..,MACRO_NAME2 ARG1 ARG2,..”]

list of macros to run after the update


Workbook protection password


switch to include timestamp in file names


target email addresses


SSAS user to impersonate using the EffectiveUserName connection string property on OLAP connections, NOT YET IMPLEMENTED

PU.exe command line (waits for exit and gives return code, 0 if ok, also used when impersonating a user)

C:\Program Files\PowerPlanner\Power Update\PU.exe “taskName”




switch for impersonating a user (imersonation user / pass is defined in the task)




PURunas.exe command line (helper for running impersonating users, not used at the moment by PU)

C:\Program Files\PowerPlanner\Power Update\PURunas.exe “C:\Program Files\PowerPlanner\Power Update\PQRefresh.exe \”taskName\” …” “domain” “username” “password”