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Power Update – From Power BI Desktop to SQL Server

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Power Update – From Power BI Desktop to SQL Server

Industrial Strength Data Transfer from Power BI Desktop to SQL Server

Power ON is adding support to transfer the data from a Power BI Desktop data model to any version of SQL Server, including Azure, in Power Update.

To learn more about Power Update you can read in Power Pivot Pro’s blog.

In order to use the 30 day trial version, you can register and download Power Update.


How to setup a Power BI to SQL job?

Easy as 1-2-3

1. Create the data model with Power Query in Power BI

2. Open PUSQL.EXE and set the SQL Connection information, and select the PBID tables that should be transferred to the SQL Server.

Power Update with Filter and DAX

3. Create a Power Update job, to schedule the transfer to run every minute, every hour or once a week

Advanced Features

Delete Data in the Target SQL Table before loading.
Delete Filter:
Data in the existing SQL Table will be deleted, if the data qualify for the ‘WHERE’ clause. I.e.:
[VERSION] = ‘Budget’ AND [Year] = 2017

DAX Query: In order to limit the data that is transferred from Power BI to SQL, Power Update can select part of the source data set. i.e.:

FILTER ( Sales, AND (Sales[Version ID] = “Budget”, Sales[Year] = 2017))

What is Exported:

All M Columns, Calculated Columns, and Measures Created in Power BI Desktop.

Power Update Wizard

Lots of options for scheduling the job in the Power Update Wizard.

Note: Activate the 30 day Trial to access this feature. Read more about Power Update