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Power Update Saves Time

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Power Update Saves Time

Our clients are passionate about Power Update. 50,000 downloads and counting.  When it comes to refreshing Power Queries in Excel, Refresh Power BI more often than 8 time per day, or push Power Queries to SQL, Power Update is here to help.

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Please read more about the key benefits:

Issue Power Update Solution
Publish PBIX or XLSX with Power Query to SharePoint of fileshare. Power BI does not provide a way to publish files on local drives or SharePoint folders. Power Update supports many companies with these tasks.
Refresh more frequent than 30 minutes or 8 times per day Power BI comes with limitations. Power Update lets you run jobs every minute.
Refresh files in a Folder Using a Folder as a source for Power Query is really powerful.  Power BI cannot refresh these files unless you use a data gateway. Power Update downloads the files, refreshes the Folder
Export Data from Power Query to a SQL DB. Power SQL is a utility to Power Update that loads your Power Queries to a SQL table. (Excel & PBIX)
Email Power BI Desktop or Excel file with Power Query data. PU enables you to email fails everywhere.
Run Update jobs during scripting. Power Update has a scripting language that enables developers to call a refresh from other solutions.
Combine Excel Macros, Power Query and Publishing. If you know how to develop with VBA, you can combine Power Update with your Macros so we can run them before or after the Power Query refresh.
Oracle DataSource There is a limitation with Excel that you cannot store Oracle Data Source Passwords. Power Update solves this by encrypt it, and pass it to Oracle DB when prompted for it, automagically.
Kick – off Power Update from Microsoft Flow Power Update allows you to trigger task by calling a URL Address.

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