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Power XL–A Two Way Street for Power BI

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Power XL–A Two Way Street for Power BI

Build anything in Power BI with Write-back. ‘Anything’ can include, but is not limited to the following.

Advanced Data Collection:


With Power XL, users can now develop advanced applications in Power BI and use custom Excel Illustrations to collect data from internal and external users.

  • App Development with “Excel Code”
  • Filtered Spreadsheet Features.
  • All Power BI navigation and Pop Up features.
  • Advanced Analytics.


Structured Analysis and Reporting:


Power BI is All in One: Analytics, Planning and Reporting. Power ON visuals enable planning, workflow, approval, line-item detail, ML, AI; all inside Power BI.

  • Filter any spreadsheet in Power BI
  • Waterfall Reporting
  • Filtered Spreadsheets by Power BI
  • Client Side Excel Calculations.
  • Write-back for Planning.
  • Supports all DAX Measures.


Operational Planning:


Power BI is an advanced tool for Operational Planning with our Power XL visuals. Connect it to any data source, and collect data internally or externally with Power BI user interface.

  • Advanced Table Editing
  • User friendly design with “Excel Coding”.
  • Images, and links to picture libraries
  • Drop-down, Checkbox, Project Management Visuals
  • Commenting on data points in Tables, Grids and Graphs.
  • If you know Excel, you can do in Power BI using Power ON’s Power XL


If you’d like to know more…

Click “Request Demo” in the upper right corner of this page, and explain your use case for Power XL and Write-back. We’d love the chance to help you turn your Power BI experience into a Two-way street and drive even more power from Power BI across your organization.


~ Until next time…

Power ON!