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Renew a license to extend maintenance

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Renew a license to extend maintenance

Maintenance covers access to new versions of the software that support newer versions of Windows, Office and SQL Server.

If maintenance expired on your license, please do the following to renew the license:

  • Go to the Licenses page
  • Click on the (click here to renew) label
  • This will direct you for the Order page for purchasing renewals for the product
  • Set the number of licenses to renew and complete the Order
  • Once the order is complete go back to the Licenses page
  • Assign the purchased renewals to the products
  • Once the assignment is complete the supported until date on the products will be extended
  • Use the License keys to Activate the products (Unregister the expired version first)

If the (click here to renew) label is not available only the (contact sales to renew) label, then:

  • If you are trying to renew Power Update click here to purchase a renewal first
  • Click on the link to contact a sales representative to help renew your maintenance

If you don’t see the products at all, you are probably logged in with the wrong Power Planner account.

In this case please find your original account (please don’t register a new one).