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The Most Magical Time of 2021

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The Most Magical Time of 2021

May 4th 2021 will be on of most exciting days for people interested in BI, Analytics, Cloud, Azure, Planning, AI, and Forecasting. If you have not already signed up, you should:

In 2020, Microsoft launched game changing visions of Composite Models, and delivered on it. Later in the year they built further on this and introduced Premium Per User. Hardly any product team inside Microsoft than the Power BI Team have their ear closer to the ground, picking up on the beat of users, partners, and the community.

For MBAS 2021 there is a lot of excitement of what Justyna, Arun, Amir and Team(s) have up their sleave this year.

Power ON, as a partner, is working closely with both the Power BI and Dynamics team. Six months after Composite Models was launched users can now take advantage and have huge datasets for actual figures, and in real time update Forecast and Planning scenarios along millions or even billions of records inside Power BI. Additionally, Power ON’s users can now use Power Premium per User to deploy very low-cost data collection models in Power BI. We write back to Tabular. We write back to Power BI Report Server.

We are excited to see what Microsoft comes up with today, because we are confident it will be as exciting as last year. Tune in at May 4th 11:00 AM EST, and join us in the excitement. You can look at our MBAS site with related materials here.