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The New Speed of Business

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The New Speed of Business



Leading Fortune 500 companies are moving forecasting and planning processes to Power BI. Why? Because now they can! Power BI is gaining adoption quickly, and Power ON’s Visual Planning is adding features no other BI solution offers. Power ON’s Visual Planning makes companies monitor and project business performance for the new fast pacing business and decision making with write-back.

What drives this change? A look at history!

Blockbuster, Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola, Borders, Barnes and Noble, ToysRus, and Yahoo, were all suddenly gone in a “Kodak moment”.

These once household brands lost the edge because they failed to innovate. Innovation failed due to lack of methodical planning. Not only financial data but the complete picture including all Operations. We are confident they all had a yearly budget, but they did lack an agile, up-to-date planning and forecasting process. The proof is that if Barnes and Noble realized they were selling reading material, they would have had an online store ala Amazon much earlier and started selling socks and electronics too. If Blockbuster understood they were in the entertainment industry, they would have started to deliver in other channels much earlier and locked all their customers in instead of charging overdue fees.

Why Power BI with Power ON Visual Planning?

To get a new agile grip on the organization, you need both a process and a solution: A computer model than call help the organization predict what the outcome of different scenarios can be. The process means including everybody at all levels in the planning. Most BI tools don’t allow this as they are too expensive. Power BI is not. It is $100 a year.

Together with Microsoft and the ground-breaking technology that Power BI represents, Power ON has developed Visual Planning that is 1,000% integrated into the solid framework of Azure Services, Gateways and on-premise hosting of vital corporate information in Power BI, now made available to everybody that needs to assist in decision making.

Microsoft and Power ON is now presenting a real decision-making platform to avoid the pitfalls of the companies above. We are excited to understand how we can assist in driving the vision and future for your company. We are so confident we will help support your organization in predicting the future that we offer a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Join Power ON and Microsoft today. Ask for a demo account!