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 TROUPPER is a technology company with a mission to unleash the full potential of their clients from a business lens and through fast value realizations methodologies. Headquarter in Miami, FL and with regional teams across Latin America & Caribbean. TROUPPER is delivering high value to their customers by focusing on connecting user experience, processes automation and analytics enabled by the best technology partners in the world.

  1. Business Intelligence: our Troupper BI and Power On solutions allow us to link processes and data for better business management, including more than 300 KPIS displayed in dashboards and reports.
  2. Digital Commerce: we offer a unique and modern platform in design for the commercialization of products in digital channels (B2B / B2C) and retail.
  3. Sales Force Automation: we give the opportunity to empower the sales force with tools to exceed the objectives having real-time visibility of all the important information of the customers of your business.