Visual Modeler

  Visual Modeler enables development of relational data models for Power BI. The Modern ELT(Extract, Load, Transfer) solution is here. By taking advantage of all the features Microsoft enabled in Power BI, Visual Modeler enables anybody to develop a powerful SQL database and SSAS Tabular model with the click of a button.

The most dynamic Data Mart lives on top of an Azure Data Lake. In order to optimize query performance, data should be queried from a SQL database/Tabular model, and not from a data storage unit like a Data Lake.

Visual Modeler makes this very simple:

  • Point Visual Modeler to a Power BI Dataset based on a Data Lake (or other Power Query based sources).
  • Select the SQL Server and Tabular Server that should host the Source DB’s
  • Click Create, and you now have your new Data Mart with new fresh data

    With our wizard you know have a Data Warehouse or Data Mart that performs at lightning speed, with up to date data.

  • VisualModeler

    How does it work? What are Power BI Dataflows?

    Power BI Dataflows are a set of Microsoft Power Query(PQ) or ‘M’ queries. This is the most efficient and powerful data extraction language on the market today. PQ connects to more than a hundred data sources and simplifies data extraction from multiple data sources.

    Power BI Dataflows have scheduling feature that can start these PQ’s, refresh them, and the end result is a Azure Data Lake Gen2.

    Power BI Dataflows and Visual Modeler!

    One of the key success factors of a Power BI Data project is how fast and reliable data are. Power BI offers an option to use the data from Dataflows to be referenced in a Power BI Model, but this is not ideal.

    The ideal solution is to control the performance of the data in SQL Database, and have the calculations in the semantic Tabular model. This way all users have access to all the same data without having to share Power BI data models.

    Visual Modeler automates this and also enables Visual Planner, the market leading way to edit and write-back data in Power BI.

    Why Visual Modeler?

    Power ON’s suite of products enables write-back in Power BI, similar to Anaplan, Cognos TM1, SAP BPC and Hyperion. All these tools have a Modeler Application like Visual Modeler, but they are proprietary to their database technologies.

    • Visual Modeler works with any Data Lake, SQL Server or SSAS Tabular Model
    • Visual Modeler makes it easy to develop a Data Mart or even a Data Warehouse without IT involvement
    • Visual Modeler enables you to edit Forecasting or Projection data inside Power BI
    • Visual Planning is a fully fledged forecasting, ML, Projection solution inside Power BI.

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