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Visual Planning for Power BI on both Cloud and On-Premises

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Visual Planning for Power BI on both Cloud and On-Premises

image Microsoft just made available today, what is expected to be the final preview of Power BI Report Server before launch.

”When you buy Power BI Premium, your subscription includes capacity in the cloud for the Power BI service as well as a license to run Power BI Report Server in your own on-premises capacity. If you buy Power BI Premium P1, for example, you get eight virtual cores (“v-Cores”) of capacity in the cloud, plus a license to run Power BI Report Server on up to eight processor cores on-premises.”

The discussion over Cloud, On-Premises, or Hybrid isn’t over anytime yet, but now the choice is yours.

What about Visual Planner from Power ON? Hundreds of clients are already reaping the benefits of the Power ON Product’s tight integration with the Power BI products.
Most of our clients are comfortable with the cloud and consider it more secure than email. While other prospects are awaiting the arrival of the Power BI Report Server. Now the choice is yours.
How is Visual Planner already available for Power BI Report Server? Power ON’s development team is working closely with the Microsoft Product Team and Customer Teams to ensure all requirements are met when Microsoft’s customers are deploying Power BI.

The Visual Planner Framework takes advantage of all the core features of Power BI. When the Microsoft Power BI Product Team decides to enable Power BI Report Server, the Visual Planner “just works” in the on-premises environment as well. It’s like magic.

How do I get started with Visual Planner? Whether your company choose Power BI Service(Cloud) or Power BI Report Server(On-Premises), it is enabled with the flip of a switch:

In Power BI Service, users can control if a Workspace is hosted on-premises or in the cloud. It is that simple.

  • Same Codebase
  • Enjoy all the same benefits
  • Easy to turn on or off
  • No need to compromise security nor compliance
Integrated Business Planning in the Cloud or on-premises. With this new offering from Microsoft and Power ON, everybody in the organization can have the meets and concerns met when deploying an Enterprise BI and Planning solution. It IS the best of both worlds. Check it out below.

Take a look at Visual Planner and the now infamous Visual Table Editor.