Visual Planning – Line Item Detail


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Keep Detailed Information on All Budget Expenses!

Visual Planning is built on Power BI. It is more than a budget system, but it can do those features too. When our prospects ask if Visual Planning can do Line-Item Detail specifications like FRx Forecaster and other budget solutions, our audiences are surprised of the flexibilities of Visual Planner.

How to get started

When building out your data mart with Visual Planner, you can specify if certain accounts should allow for more specifications. By inserting the Visual Planner – Line Item Detail custom visual, it is an automated setup that allows for very accurate and detailed tracking of any expense.

Line Item Detail Features:


· Text boxes

· Check Boxes

· Drop Downs

· Date Picker

· User ID Tracking


· Sort/filter by any column

· Automated Pagination

· Add/Delete Rows

· Filter by any column

· Add, Edit and Delete Rows

· Drill Through Pop Up!!!

Increase value of Power BI Investment

With Power BI and Visual Planner, there are no limits to what you can track, measure and slice and dice. In the next video Power ON will show Multi-Tiered Workflow Approval in Power BI. Stay Put.