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Visual Planning – Why and How?

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Visual Planning – Why and How?

Power BI – Visual Planning* Innovates and Disrupts Traditional Corporate Planning Processes!

There is a new way to do Corporate Planning. Businesses are currently wasting time and resources on intricate budget processes. No more.
With Power BI and Visual Planning, users take advantage of an easy to use and app-like interface, powerful predictive analytics, and simple adjustments of pre-populated data in Power BI.
Microsoft is dominating how corporations are storing their data. Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, stated: “Data is the new Electricity”. With Power BI, Microsoft is taking a major foothold in how your data will be presented in the future. Microsoft has owned this space with Excel for the last 30 years.
Power BI and Visual Planning has a productive process for how you present corporate data and how you make plans for the future. Microsoft has introduced the term “Self-Service Reporting and Business Intelligence. This literally means more Power to the People and it makes it even more important that data is detailed and exact. Power BI and Visual Planning is here to help you navigating this “New Normal”. It is really easy to get started with Self-Service BI.

What does this mean for me?

Disruptive – Don’t do the same things faster

The light bulb wasn’t invented from a candle! Innovate! No reason to implement a tool that provides the same broken data more often. Visual Planning uses graphs, gauges, line and bar-graphs to present the state of the union to corporate planning users and let them enter their budgets and plans in the same app.

Effective – Save Time

With collaboration, online data, and a Microsoft User Interface, users experience a responsive system that is easy and fun to use. If there is a number that requires adjustment, it can be done by the user or by corporate. On average, Visual Planning clients save 40% of the time they used to use on budgeting and planning tasks. Now there is more time to analyze data and make better decisions.

Responsive – Create Engagement

With Power BI and Visual Planning, all users accessing the system are working on the same data, yet with secure controls for data access. Numbers and comments are submitted in real time, and teams can see the same data by pushing ‘Refresh’. When users are detached from the numbers, its normal to not feel committed. Visual Planning becomes a continues planning cycle. Data gets better, users are more involved, and feel ownership to be part of the target, no matter if you are on a desktop, laptop, notepad or cellphone.

Conclusive – Make the right decisions

When advanced tools, higher productivity, and better engagement converge, teams and corporations can make better founded decisions and correct the course of the ship faster. Power BI and Visual Planning provides the newest and best solution for corporations to steer the ship, make more money for the shareholders, and ultimately securing their own bonus targets and payouts.

We hope you enjoyed the quick insight into what is possible, now it is up to you to make a change in your corporation. Give us a call, or our sales rep will follow up with for a free demo, to show you what is possible. It is super easy to get started with your data.

* Visual Planning is a custom visual and a web service for Power BI