Visual Table Editor

Visual Planning is getting a sibling.

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Increase Data Quality

Lack of Data Quality is always Business Intelligence’s worst enemy. With Visual Table Editor from Power ON, users connect to any OLE DB data source, edit and manage Products, Customers, Employees, Numbers, Calendars and Text right in Power BI.

When making changes to values that are included in a Report or Dashboard, the Power BI Visual will update and display the new value as users enter them.

How to get started

Companies can get started in 3 easy steps:

1. Setup a Power BI Gateway to your SQL Server.
2. Install Power ON WebService
3. Import the Table Editor Custom Visual, and connect it to your SQL tables

Now it is time to publish your Power BI Desktop workbook to the Power BI Service.

Table Editor Features:


· Text boxes

· Check Boxes

· Drop Downs

· Date Picker

· User ID


· Sort by any column

· Automated Paging

· Filter by any column

· Add, Edit and Delete Rows

· Drill Through Pop Up!!!

Increase value of Power BI Investment

Visual Planning Editor’s versatility opens up a new world where you can deploy Power BI. Clients have deployed Visual Table Editor for updating SalesForce Forecasts, Data Quality Projects, Activity Based Planning,(ABP, ABC), Budgeting, Forecasting, Inventory Managements, Line-Item Detail for Budget Specifications, Employee Salary Projections, Production Forecasts, and supporting many other business processes. What will you use it for?