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Write-back in any Power BI Model

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Write-back in any Power BI Model

Power BI enables connectivity to most useful data sources:

Power BI enables connectivity

Not exhaustive list. Other datasources added monthly.

In Q3 2020, Power ON is expecting launch a new offering that will disrupt the way you think of Planning and write-back in Power BI.
In essence, our service will enable you to perform complex editing of datapoint values (spreading, allocations, goal seeking, etc.) in Power BI models based on a mashup of various datasources.

This new feature will enable Business Analysts to take their existing Power BI models to the next level, by adding planning, forecasting, what-if capabilities, without having to rebuild them.

Here is how it will work:

Use Case:
Sales Forecasts in Power BI with Salesforce and Oracle Data.

  • A Sales Team wants to create a new Forecast scenario for the next 12 months based on the Covid-19 altered business landscape.
  • They need historical information that resides in Oracle
  • They need all current opportunities that are in Salesforce
  • The team would like to have Last Years Actuals copied 12 months into the future with a 50% reduction as a starting point.

You will end up with this in Power BI


  1. Create a connection to the Oracle Database in Power BI
  2. Import the Salesforce Data to Power BI
  3. Create a Power Query or Calculated table that loads Last Years Data by month and move it up 12 months. Then multiply by 50%Enable End-User Input and Commenting:
  • Add writeback features to the model using the Power ON model wizard
  • Add the Power ON Data Entry Matrix to the report and connect it to the Power ON Writeback service
  • Distribute report for user input and commenting on datapoints

Note! Feature will be licensed separately from Visual Planning and is expected to be available in Q3.